First Root vs Bizzy Mama Hosting Comparison

Should you choose First Root or Bizzy Mama Hosting? Which one is better? Our experts tested them both to find out the winner.

First Root Test Results

Ease of Use⭐ 1 / 5
Support⭐ 1 / 5
Features⭐ 2 / 5
Reliability⭐ 1 / 5
Pricing⭐ 2 / 5

Bizzy Mama Hosting Test Results

Ease of Use⭐ 1 / 5
Support⭐ 1 / 5
Features⭐ 1 / 5
Reliability⭐ 1 / 5
Pricing⭐ 1 / 5

First Root Contacts

E-mail[email protected]
Phone number004921141741223
Social Profiles
AddressMünsterstraße 330, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Bizzy Mama Hosting Contacts

E-mail[email protected]
Phone number1-888-759-4116
Social Profiles,,
AddressHouston, TX, United States
🗺 First Root Servers Locationde
🗺 Bizzy Mama Hosting Servers Locationus

First Root VPS Hosting Plans

NameOVZ Basic Edition LightOVZ Basic Edition StartOVZ Basic Edition ProOVZ Basic Edition PremiumOVZ Power Edition LightOVZ Power Edition StartOVZ Power Edition ProOVZ Power Edition PremiumOVZ Ultra Edition LightOVZ Ultra Edition StartOVZ Ultra Edition ProOVZ Ultra Edition PremiumKVM Basic Edition LightKVM Basic Edition StartKVM Basic Edition ProKVM Basic Edition PremiumKVM Power Edition LightKVM Power Edition StartKVM Power Edition ProKVM Power Edition PremiumOVZ Basic Edition Light SpecialOVZ Basic Edition Start SpecialKVM Ultra Edition Light (NVMe)KVM Ultra Edition Start (NVMe)KVM Ultra Edition Pro (NVMe)KVM Ultra Edition Premium (NVMe)
Space50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GB300 GB400 GB500 GB600 GB50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GB50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GB40 GB80 GB150 GB300 GB50 GB100 GB50 GB100 GB200 GB400 GB
CPU1 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz3 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz6 x 2.40GHz8 x 2.40GHz10 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz8 x 2.40GHz16 x 2.40GHz1 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz3 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz1 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz3 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz1 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz2.40GHz1 x 2.40GHz2 x 2.40GHz4 x 2.40GHz
RAM512 MB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB512 MB1 GB1.5 GB2 GB1 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB512 MB1 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB

Bizzy Mama Hosting Shared Hosting Plans

NameBOUTIQUE ECOMMERCEAdvanced User Level 1
Space700.01 MB1 GB
Bandwidth15.97 GBUnlimited
Number of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited